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Paint Correction:
Prices starting from £275
Let us get your paintwork looking better than the day it rolled out the showroom

Our Premium Paint correction service at Elite Enhancement revives and restores your car’s paintwork to a better than showroom finish. Over time, wear, tear, wrong wash methods and weather conditions can cause paintwork to appear flat, dull, scratched and swirled. Our paint correction service can remove scratches, swirls and blemishes and restore the depth and gloss to your paintwork.

✔  Eliminates imperfections

✔  Restores colour and depth

✔  Enhances shine

✔  Protects paintwork

Prior to any correction and machine polishing this service start with the wheels, a full 2 stage deep clean will be carried out on each wheel removing the general road grime followed by a decontamination removing any tar spots and iron contamination. Once the wheels are all complete it's then onto the paintwork where it'll undergo a thorough and extensive wash process starting with a pre-wash to remove as much dirt and grime off the paintwork as possible before we even make physical contact with it. This will then be followed up with a 2 bucket wash making sure the wash mitt is rinsed after every panel to stop any cross contamination between panels and any grime picked up isn't being put back onto the car massively reducing the chances of any wash induced scratches and swirl marks. Once our contact wash is complete and the car is rinsed it's then onto our chemical paintwork decontamination, removing road tar spots and once again any iron contamination bonded to your paintwork. Once the chemical decontamination is complete we they apply another layer of snow foam to neutralise and remove any remaining chemicals that maybe left on the paintwork. We then move onto a physical decontamination using a clay bar or clay mitt. This will remove any contamination that was missed with the chemicals and contamination that can't be removed with chemicals such as paint overspray. The clay bar ensures us the paintwork is as clean as physically possible and also provides a smooth surface for when we come to machine polishing and correcting the vehicles paintwork. Once this stage is complete its onto drying before being put inside our dedicated studio where the paintwork will undergo an inspection to look at the severity of the defects that need to be removed. We will then do a handful of test spots testing different pad and compound combinations to achieve the best result possible. Once correction work is complete any compound residue will be removed before a complimentary hard wax will be added to protect the paintwork or opt for an upgrade to one of our ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating:
Prices starting from an extra £100 on top of any correction price
Let us get your paintwork protected for longer

Our ceramic coatings range from 1 year protection to 5 year protection, all range of coatings have a different price so please enquire as to what coatings we offer and the additional pricing.

Our ceramic coating offers the ultimate long-lasting protection for your paintwork. More in depth than a traditional hard wax, a durable clear polymer coating is applied to the exterior which forms a protective layer shielding your paintwork from stains, fine scratches and damage. Our Ceramic coatings provide self healing properties that any fine marks picked up overtime will slowly diminish reducing their appearance making your car look as good as it did the day it was collected. Ceramic coatings also provide future ease when coming to wash and clean your vehicle as the coating provides a hydrophobic layer reducing dirt and contamination from bonding to your paintwork meaning it'll stay cleaner for longer. All our ceramic coatings can be applied inside as well as outside but we highly recommended they get applied in our dedicated studio so they can undergo a curing process and we can then check over your vehicle for any imperfections that maybe visible, which then can be rectified by ourselves prior to vehicle collection. 

✔  Protects from stains, damage, minor scratch and swirls

✔  1-5 years long-lasting protection

✔  The ultimate gloss and finish

Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About


Here at Elite Enhancement, we know that every car and every job is unique, that’s why we tailor our prices to your individual requirements. Come along to our covered unit or book your car or motorhome in for our mobile valeting and detailing services in Barnsley and the surrounding area including Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. Save time and give your vehicle a new lease of life!

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