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Full Detail:
Prices starting from £195
Let us get your car looking how it did when it rolled out of the showroom

One of Elite Enhancements best selling services, our Full Detail will take your vehicle beyond showroom condition.

So what is a Full Detail and what sets it apart from a regular valeter's full valet?

Our Full Detail is an in-depth process to bring your vehicle back to life. Our service starts with the exterior of your vehicle starting with the wheels, a full 2 stage deep clean will be carried out on each wheel removing the Uk's general road grime followed by a decontamination removing any tar spots and iron contamination caused by steel brake discs when they rub against your brake pads. Once the wheels  are all complete its then onto the paintwork where it'll undergo a thorough wash process starting with a pre-wash to remove as much dirt and grime off the paintwork as possible before we even make physical contact with it. This will then be followed up with a 2 bucket wash making sure the wash mitt is rinsed after every panel to stop any cross contamination between panels and any grime picked up isn't being put back onto the car massively reducing the chances of any wash induced scratches and swirl marks. Once our contact wash is complete and the car is rinsed it's then onto our paintwork decontamination, removing road tar spots and once again any iron contamination bonded to your paintwork. Once all these processes are complete it's onto drying before a hand polish will be applied to revive your paint and then finally topped off with a hard wax to provide that freshly cleansed paintwork with some protection. The final step is dressing the tyres and cleaning the glass to provide you with that ultimate 'Showroom' finish.

Then it's onto the interior. Starting off by removing all interior matts we start with a full interior hoover removing the general dust and interior grime we all have in our vehicles. Once all hoovered we tackle the seats whether they are fabric, leather or both they all receive the same level of in-depth processes and cleanliness. We start with a dedicated interior shampoo to break down that embedded dirt and they follow up by steaming and extracting that dirt providing your seats with a new lease of life. It's then onto the more intricate areas such as seat rails, door cards, dashboard and steering wheel where they all receive a in-depth thorough deep clean removing any dust and debris from buttons, handles, vents and any other hard to reach areas ensuring a fresh deeply cleaned interior. The final steps are the carpet and previously removed floor matts where they will get a thorough deep clean using specific chemicals to remove any stubborn stains and finally finished off with a steam clean to ensure all dirt, grime and stains are 100% removed ready to return back into the vehicle.

Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About


Here at Elite Enhancement, we know that every car and every job is unique, that’s why we tailor our prices to your individual requirements. Come along to our covered unit or book your car or motorhome in for our mobile valeting and detailing services in Barnsley and the surrounding area including Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. Save time and give your vehicle a new lease of life!

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