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Maintenance Detail:
Prices starting from £75
Let us keep your car looking it's best all year round

Elite Enhancement Detailing and Valeting strive to keep our clients cars around Barnsley and South Yorkshire looking there absolute best all year round. As part of our ongoing aftercare our maintenance detail is the service for you. We mainly focus our maintenance on cars that have received either a full detail or undergone our paint correction and ceramic coating service, this is to ensure our extremely high standards are met every time we visit. However, there are exemptions to this but we would require a face to face consultation to make sure your vehicle is within our guidelines before we allow you to book in, this is once again to obtain our extremely high standards. Each maintenance detail can also be tailored to your needs if you require an extra service which can be discussed prior to booking and our quote will be bespoke to you to cover all your requirements.

Our Maintenance detail is by no means a 'Mini Valet' which is a term commonly used for a quick 'in and out clean'. We provide the highest standard of detailing and Valeting in Barnsley and the surrounding South Yorkshire area which intern means no common 'mini valet' but a service you'll use time and time again.

Our Maintenance Detail is required to be carried out no later than every 4-6 weeks post receiving a full detail  or paint correction.


What's included in our maintenance detail? 

Price starting from £75.

  • Full interior vacuum

  • interior trims and plastic cleaned and dressed

  • exterior 3 bucket safe wash

  • wheels deep cleaned

  • 1 month paint sealant or ceramic top up if your car has been ceramic coated by ourselves.

Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About
Valeting and detailing services: About


Here at Elite Enhancement, we know that every car and every job is unique, that’s why we tailor our prices to your individual requirements. Come along to our covered unit or book your car or motorhome in for our mobile valeting and detailing services in Barnsley and the surrounding area including Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. Save time and give your vehicle a new lease of life!

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