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Elite Enhancement offer a professional mobile vehicle valeting and detailing service in Barnsley and the surrounding South Yorkshire area. Alternatively, come to us and take advantage of our all-weather dedicated detailing studio. Our very popular full detail will have your pride and joy looking like new with in depth and high quality finishes. We’ll carefully clean your vehicles interior and exterior before polishing and waxing for lasting shine and protection. We have plenty of experience working with all types of vehicles including prestige and sports cars so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with us. Get in touch now for your custom quote.


Our Maintenance Detail includes:

Price starting from £75.

  • Full interior vacuum

  • interior trims and plastic dressed

  • exterior 3 bucket safe wash

  • wheels deep clean

  • 1 month paint sealant


Our Full Detail includes:

Price starting from £195.

  •  Full interior deep clean

  • Carpet shampoo and steam clean

  • Headliner cleaned and sanitised

  •  Boot and rear well deep cleaned

  •  Exterior paintwork decontamination

  •  Wheels and wheel arches deep cleaned

  •  Polish and 6 month wax

Access to water and electrical socket is required for our mobile car valeting service.

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Restore your car’s showroom finish with Elite Enhancement’s professional paint correction service. Over time, wear, tear, wrong wash methods and weather conditions can cause paintwork to appear flat, dull and scratched. Our paint correction service can remove scratches, swirls and blemishes and restore the depth and gloss to your paintwork.

Price starting from £275.

✔  Eliminates imperfections

✔  Restores colour and depth

✔  Enhances shine

✔  Protects paintwork

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Our ceramic coating offers the ultimate long-lasting protection for your paintwork. More in depth than a wax, a durable clear polymer coating is applied to the exterior which forms a protective layer shielding your paintwork from stains, fine scratches and damage. This will provide future ease when coming to wash your vehicle as the coating provides a hydrophobic layer reducing dirt and contamination from bonding to your paintwork.

Price starting from £100 on top of any detailing package.

✔  Protects from stains and damage

✔  3-5 years long-lasting protection

✔  The ultimate gloss and finish

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Here at Elite Enhancement, we know that motorhome valeting requires special skills and knowledge due to all the different materials used to build modern motorhomes. We apply our wealth of experience to ensure that your motorhome gets the special attention required to ensure a high standard of finish to both interior and exterior of your vehicle.

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Here at Elite Enhancement, we know that every car and every job is unique, that’s why we tailor our prices to your individual requirements. Come along to our covered unit or book your car or motorhome in for our mobile valeting and detailing services in Barnsley and the surrounding area including Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. Save time and give your vehicle a new lease of life!

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